Wildstar Takes Off With Full Release.

Though many have already been playing Wildstar since the 31st of May, it’s official release wasn’t until the 3rd of June. With Wildstar now on the market, it’s safe to assume that as its builds popularity grows, so too will its user base.

Boasting beautiful graphics, a deep an expansive story, intense “Telegraph” based combat, and an insane amount of customisation, be it your house or yourself that you want to ¬†pretty up, Wildstar is the latest to try and compete with the big boss of MMORPGs. Taking on the mistakes of past MMOs and utlising the favoured aspects, Wildstar packs a hell of a lot of attitude into its world, Nexus.

To mark the release, a launch trailer has been broadcast. Watch it here:

For more information on how you can visit Nexus for yourself, visit the official Wildstar site

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