Wii U Receives Quick Boot In New Update

The Wii U has now reached the fifth version of it’s system software, and has brought along a wide range of improvements, such as:

  • 3DS style notifications of new games and important information.
  • Automatic installation of system software in standby mode.
  • Decreased loading times within the system interface.
  • Stability and security updates.

But the best feature of all is the new quick boot feature, which automatically logs you in as the user you choose, and allows you to load a recently used piece of software or video game, instead of going directly to the Wii U menu. If you have Spotpass enabled on your Wii U console, the update will download automatically.

Otherwise, visit the System Settings menu to manually start it yourself. To find out more information on the update, be sure to visit the official Nintendo support website. Do the updates make using the console a more streamlined experience? Let us know what you think in the comments below.