Does SlenderMan Make a Watch_Dogs Appearance?

Watch_Dogs which was released this week on May 27 has been the talk of the internet. Hacking your way around Chicago but is there something else going on?

Playing the game you will notice lots of graffiti but over the past day one caught my eye.

slender-Watch_DogsThis man in a suit on the wall with the white blank face looks a lot like the internet horror creation SlenderMan. Here are some pictures from the web about the tall guy himself for you to compare.

slender_lives Slender_man Slender-The-ArrivalSay what you will about Watch_Dogs and the image on the wall but it does look very close to SlenderMan. Is this on purpose or is it just a big coincidence?

If you are playing Watch_Dogs and you spot Slendy-Chan on your travels send them to us and we will collate all sightings in this article.

Go forth and good luck! Try not to be spirited away.