Sony Unveils Its June Content For PlayStation Plus In Europe

Sony updated its official blog with the news that new games are headed to the Playstation platform-holder’s subscription service, PlayStation Plus.

On PS4, gamers will be able to download PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate, a twin stick shooter from the PixelJunk family  of quirky indie titles. Also coming to the PS4 is Trine 2: The Complete Story, a 2D puzzle-platformer in which 3 players can play co-op using the unique abilities of the three characters.

On PS3 it’s been a subdued update compared to previous months. Sony are offering basketball sim NBA2k14 and the 2D indie horror game Lone Survivor. Recently Sony has offered AAA titles for the PS3 such as Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite so maybe Sony are planning something big for the July update to PS+?

For Vita owners, one of the platform’s cult hits, Dragon’s Crown, is free to play on PS+. Dragon’s Crown is a 2D beat’em up like the ones you remember from the 90’s but also incorporates RPG elements making it a dungeon-crawling experience.The puzzler Surge Deluxe also makes its way onto the handheld  and challenges players with increasingly complex block-based puzzles.

Sony are making a 2-games-per-platform line-up a permanent fixture for PS+ from now on. This means that owners of multiple Playstations will be able to play possibly six new games every month. As with all new PS+ updates the content from last month will be removed, with the switch-over set to go on 4th June.