Ubisoft Reveal All On Watch Dogs ctOS Mobile App

Earlier today, Ubisoft shared a blog post revealing everything we need to know about their Watch Dogs supporting mobile app, ctOS. It provides answers to the biggest questions fans have had on the app, from what it actually does, to how it links to the main Watch Dogs experience, so here’s all the information we have on ctOS.

The purpose of the app is to interfere with Watch Dogs players on PC and console. During two difficulty modes, Race and Free Ride, console players will take part races to certain checkpoints, while mobile players will do everything in their power to cause mayhem. From triggering blockers and setting off explosions to calling out the police and helicopters, ctOS users will have a range of tools at their fingertips to beat the console players to the punch. If the racer gets to all their checkpoints, they win, and if you effectively sabotage them, then you win.

The app can be used to play with anyone from around the world, whether you know them or not. By entering your Xbox Live or PSN username you can connect to friends, but if none of them have picked up Watch Dogs yet or aren’t around to play, you can just enter quick match for a random pairing. However, while somewhat connected, the app is actually an entirely separate entity to the main Watch Dogs game. You don’t pick up bonuses which you can carry on to the main game, but instead all your experience and benefits are contained within ctOS.

With 26 challenges to work your way through, as well as a map generator which allows you to set up your own challenges, there is plenty to keep you busy in the ctOS app.The best part of the whole package, however, is that the game is 100% free. With no micro-transactions and no requirement to even own Watch Dogs to get in on the action, it really is a fun little app that anyone could give a whirl if they fancy causing some trouble. You don’t even need a paid-for console account, just a free version of PSN or Xbox Live will do.

The ctOS app will be available from tomorrow, May 27th. It will be supported on a huge range of iOS and Android devices which you can see on the Ubisoft blog page. So whether you’re snapping up Watch Dogs tomorrow or just feel like getting a glimpse of the action, it is well worth giving ctOS your attention.