Telltale Tease The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 With Mysterious Tweets

Over the past 24 hours, Telltale have started to tease us with snippets of information on the upcoming episode for The Wolf Among Us, titled In Sheep’s Clothing, all thanks to Twitter.

Things kicked off with a tweet from Telltale’s PR Director, Job Stauffer, who stated the latest episode is on the way ‘very soon.’ As always, this hint means we could expect In Sheep’s Clothing to hit our gaming platforms as early as next week, and if not, then in the first week of June.

Next up we had a few teaser images from the new episode, which you can view below. They show Bigby in a variety of settings, including sneaking through a meat fridge, comforting one of Georgie’s girls, and showing off his battered body while nursing a beer. The latter is presumably a result of the events of Episode 3, unless the Big Bad Wolf has managed to land himself in some more trouble. Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be surprising.

However, that’s not all, as the images posted on Twitter were also tagged with the words ‘Leeds’ ‘Salvador’ and ‘Barrens.’ To coincide with this, three accounts related to Telltale each posted a different location and date, which the Telltale community slowly pieced together as the information emerged. All signs point to the Jersey Devil, though just whether he’ll be the star of Episode 4 or have a passing presence we will have to wait and see.

Excited? I think we all should be. Keep an eye out for more details on the exact release date of Episode 4 – In Sheeps’ Clothing on Telltale’s Twitter, as the big day creeps ever closer.