GOG’s Insomnia Sale Starts Today With 90% Off Selected Titles

GOG’s Spring Insomnia sale is here, offering 100 games with up to 90% off which you simply can’t afford to miss out on.

Over the coming days, each game will be available in limited amounts, and will remain on sale until all copies have been sold. The moment a title is sold out, a new deal will take its place until all the 100 games have gone. There will also be a scattering of free games thrown into the mix, but you’ll no doubt have to watch the site day and night to get a chance to grab them.

With DRM-free titles for both Windows and Mac and some gems amongst the masses, such as Papers, Please, which featured today, you’ll be sure to find something you like if you pop back to check what’s selling every so often. Just don’t take too long, though, because all the best games will be sure to sell in no time.

For more deals on top of the Insomnia sale, be sure to keep an eye on the amazing prices that GOG.com offers daily.