Conception II’s Demo And Due Date Arrive

ATLUS have definitely been getting better when it comes to releasing their games overseas, and as well their own software, they have also been helping other developers to do the same. Their latest collaboration, Conception II – Children of the Seven Stars, has been given a confirmed release date of May 14th 2014 on Playstation Vita, and May 15th 2014 on Nintendo 3DS.

If you are hoping to buy the game. you will need access to the internet and the Nintendo eShop or PlayStation Store, as there will not be a physical boxed release. Both services now have a playable demo of the game available to download, and the best part is that any progress you make will be carried over to the final release, so you will have a head start on the first day.

Are you excited for the new arrivals, or will you wait until they mature? Let us know what you think in the comments below.