Daylight Launches With Discounted Prices for PS4 Users

To mark the launch of Zombie Studios first person survival horror, Daylight, you will find it at a discounted price for the PS4 is bought through the PSN. Playstation Plus subscribers will find the game at a 36% discount, while non PS+ members get a discount of 20%.

Daylight subjects the player to a romp through a multitude of terrifying locations, encountering and avoiding dark spirits,while trying to find a way out. Using one of three light sources, your phones light, a flare, or glowsticks, the player must figure out and find all the components needed to break their way through the sealed door preventing their escape.

Daylight uses procedural generation to keep its players on their toes, but it also has another, secret, weapon. For the many thousands who enjoy live streaming their gameplay, Daylight allows Twitch user to interact with and hinder the player. With trigger words that initiate scares for the person in the driving seat of the game, Daylight really offers live streamers a much more interactive experience for their fans.