Dark Souls Developer Bought by Kadokawa

From Software, the developers of the Dark Souls games, is in the process of being purchased by Japanese publisher Kadokawa, according to reports from Siliconera. The acquisition will be finalised next month, on May 21st.

Kadokawa are primarily an anime, manga and magazine publisher, but have been slowly increasing their presence in the games industry over the last few years, with their most recent ventures including Lollipop Chainsaw and Killer is Dead. Under their new rule of Kadokawa, From Software, who are currently an independent company, will work alongside the publisher’s own game developing department on future endeavours. As part of the purchase, Kadokawa will also acquire 80% of From Software’s stocks.

From Software have stated that they are excited about the purchase, as both companies can benefit from each other. With this more stable publisher to back them, From Software are hoping to increase their platform scope and be able to reach more locations. From Software CEO Naotoshi Zin believes that with the help of Kadokawa, they will be able to create ‘newer and more in-depth games.’

To know just how big an impact this purchase will have on the future of From Software’s creations we will have to wait to and see, but here’s hoping this marks the beginning of a beautiful partnership. As Kadokawa seem to be looking to stake more of a claim in the gaming market, it is even more interesting to see what their next move will be.