Black Desert Possibly Coming To Western Audiences

A few weeks ago a character creator video emerged that boasted a huge amount of detail and customization. upon watching said video I actually wondered if a game was attached to the creator, or whether it was a standalone character creating software. It turns out that the creator is the first step in a massively online multiplayer role playing game called Black Desert. A Korean title currently in development by Pearl Abyss, Black Desert has been in production for coming up to 4 years now, and has been slowly but surely becoming a more promising title.

Last year it was confirmed that an English version of the game would be developed, but the wait for a EU/NA publisher is still the main obstacle for anyone waiting for a Western release. With expected release between 2014 and 2015 in the West, the Eastern version of the game is said to be entering its closed beta soon, allowing Korean audiences who qualify to finally be able to try out Black Desert for themselves. For now, us Westerners will have to keep our eyes peeled and our fingers crossed for some solid information on whether we will be able to play this incredibly enticing title.