Square Enix’s Hitman Go Now Available for iOS

Hitman Go is the latest creation from Square Enix Montréal, and it is now available worldwide on iOS devices. The game will also be heading to Android sometime in the near future.

As Agent 47’s first venture out into the mobile world, the developers at Square Enix Montréal wanted to create something both new and distinctive to join the Hitman universe. They achieved this by making Hitman Go a little less about stealth and a lot more about strategy, through a turn-based puzzle design where you must always be a step ahead of your enemies. Simple to grasp yet hard to master, Hitman Go aims to be challenging for veterans yet inviting enough for curious newcomers to give it a chance.

The game’s creative director, Karsten Lund, also shared up the team’s vision for Hitman Go, explaining, “We wanted to make something unexpected. Something that crystalizes everything “Hitman” in the simplest way possible, while retaining the high class, cool attitude the famous assassin is known for… We boiled most of the core Hitman mechanics such as disguises, distractions and different weapons, down to the simplest possible game, without losing the fun and tension of its AAA counterpart.”

With a beautiful and unique diorama-style, 68 levels unlockable from launch, and more to come in future updates, there’s plenty of reasons to take a chance on Hitman Go. For more information on the game, be sure to check out the official Hitman website, or watch the trailer below.