GOG.com’s Battle of the Games promo allows gamers to choose discounted games

The clash of the games has begun. GOG.com’s Battle of the Games promo has started and gamers now have the chance to decide which games get discounted in the daily deals.

Each day at 11AM GMT GOG.com’s Battle of the Games promo sets two trios of games against each other that battle for the chance to be 75% off for 24 hours. Fear not gamers! Runner up games will be discounted by 60%. Some games like The Witcher and The Witcher 2 are already discounted up to 80% to help gamers get in the mood and start voting.

As the battle commences get ready to rumble and head over to GOG.com to start your voting and get the games you want for great prices. Tatakai! (Fight in Japanese)