Agarest: Generations of War Zero coming to Steam this week

Agarest: Generations of War Zero prequel to Agarest: Generations Of War is coming to Steam after the success of the first game being the #1 top selling SRPG. Generations Of War Zero is ready to pre-purchase now, the prequel will be released on Steam this coming Thursday 17th April 2014.

Anyone pre-purchasing the game will receive a 20% discount making the game $15.99 down from $19.99.

Here are some of the new features in Agarest: Generations of War Zero:

• Numerous graphical improvements – including the addition of stunningly animated character portraits
• Vacation Days – improve the bonds with your party and unlock bonus items, costumes and locations
• New Races – a variety of new races are now available for your party
• Enhanced Towns – with more interactivity and additional areas to explore
• Card Skill System – customise the main character’s battle style and skills
• Extra Mode – a new hard difficulty unlocked by players who have cleared the first game, also allowing access to the world map, items and all characters from the original game.

There are also new PC exclusive features such as cloud saving, a full revamp of how DLC is managed within existing saves, plus the ability to decide which direction the controls are to be offset.

To mark the release of Agarest: Generations of War Zero the original Agarest: Generations of War is available for $14.99.