Magic the Gathering: Journey to Nyx Trailer

Are you itching for the new MtG set Journey to Nyx? Well here is something to help you along. Featured on the official YouTube channel, the trailer to the upcoming set for the trading card gaming has been released for our viewing pleasure. This should keep the grubs from biting… for a while at least.

As seen above, the trailer features a beautiful cinematic of the gods of Theros and a selection of Planeswalkers. These include the gods Iroas, the God of Victory battling with another Celestial being, and the Planeswalkers Ajani and Elspeth. Also, the powerful narration mentions that, “we all have to cross the river some day… even her”. Could this be a prophecy for Elspeth? Could this prophecy be broken? Only time will tell.

With the beginning of May quickly approaching, the amount of spoilers of cards coming out in that set will probably escalate. If you are a patient person then you probably won’t mind waiting for the release. However, for those who aren’t as strong willed, try and keep an eye out for any cools cards from the time comes. Until that time, please visit the official website for more details. Game well.