The Hunt is On in Bioware’s Latest Game

Bioware have a new game taking centre stage at this weekends PAX East event, but it’s probably not what you’re thinking. Partnering with Lone Shark Games, the developers have started a year-long reality game to support their upcoming title, Dragon Age: Inquisition. The aim is simple; find the dragon eggs, solve the riddles, and win fabulous prizes.

Of course, it won’t be quite that easy. The eggs you must find will be shared out into three sets of challenges, testing all of your abilities. Keeping in with the fantasy theme, they are titled Warrior, Mage and Rogue. As most Bioware fans can probably guess, Warrior tasks test your strength and willpower, Mage measures your magic and constitution, and Rogue challenges cunning and dexterity.

The game starts this weekend at PAX East, and will continue throughout the year at different conventions across the US. However, there will also be online events running too, so those who can’t make it can still get involved. This weekend the Warrior and Rogue tasks will be at PAX East, while the Mage challenge will be hosted online. At the end of the weekend, Bioware will announce the winners.

So the only question left to ask is; will you be facing the trials of the Dragon Egg Hunt? Head over to the Bioware blog to get involved.