GTA Online Release Capture Creator and Contest Weekend

Rockstar have confirmed today that Capture Creator is now available on GTA Online, just so long as you’ve patched to Update 1.12 which was released earlier this week. Players can now customise their own Capture Jobs, which work in a similar way to classic Capture the Flag missions, by managing huge amounts of variables from strategically placing pick-ups to defining weapons. Rockstar have even created a handy little tutorial to show you the ropes.

To celebrate the update, Rockstar are also running a ‘Capture Weekend’, with rewards for the four best Capture Jobs submitted through the Rockstar Social ClubIf you think your Capture Job has what it takes to win over the developers, simply add #CaptureWeekend to the description of your job on the Social Club. The winners will not only get their job verified, but will bag a nice $1,000,000 for their GTA Online bank account and get themselves an exclusive CAPTURE license plate.

As a little added bonus, Rockstar are also extending their 2x GTA$ and RP promotion, which was originally scheduled to end today but will now continue unitl April 20th. As if you really needed any more incentive to get back to Los Santos.

For more information on the update and the contest, head over to the official Rockstar website.