Ubisoft Share Their Musical Process in New Child of Light Video

Today Ubisoft have released the second part of their Making Of series for their upcoming title, Child of Light. The first episode showcasing gameplay and artwork was a fascinating insight into the visuals of the game. This time around, we get to hear all about the soundtrack.

Ubisoft worked with singer and songwriter Coeur de Pirate to compose the music for Child of Light. Working with Ubisoft from the very beginning, Pirate was hugely inspired by the beauty and depth of the artwork. She explained that the team originally intended for the Child of Light soundtrack to be quite small in scope, with just a piano, guitar and cello creating a nostalgic feel, but they found it too challenging when it came to the more intense boss fights. To solve the problem, Ubisoft commissioned a whole orchestra for the dramatic and epic moments of the game.

The video also goes onto explain how the sound effects were created for Child of Light, with audio designer Hugo Bastien speaking of the challenges he, too, faced when working on the game. Bastien wanted the sounds to be organic yet magical, and though not an easy task, he finally found the right balance.

Child of Light’s creative director Patrick Plourde also added that to ensure their sense of theatrics was perfect, he consulted with Cirque Du Soleil to see the game from a new perspective. Fellow creative, Bastien Alexandre, expressed how much he enjoyed working with the team, describing Child of Light as a breath of fresh air in gaming.

For more updates on Child of Light, coming to console and PC on April 30th, be sure to keep an eye out for future Making Of videos on Ubisoft’s Youtube page.