Huge Microsoft Studios Publisher Sale on Xbox 360

Love them or hate them, Microsoft Studios have developed and published some outstanding games, and this week those titles are to be showcased in a huge publisher sale on Xbox 360. Whether you’re late to the party or just have a backlog of games already looming over you, now is the perfect time to pick up some golden oldies you’ve always had your eye on but never got around to cashing out for.

With up to 90% off on all games, with most hitting the 67% mark, you’ll be sure to make some huge savings if you do decide to take the plunge. The games on offer and their respective discount are as follows:

Games on Demand

  • Gears of War Trilogy – 67%
  • Gears of War 3 Season Pass – 67%
  • Halo Reach – 67%
  • Halo Wars – 67%
  • Alan Wake – 75%
  • Gunstringer – 75%
  • Crackdown – 67%


  • Castle Crashers – 67%
  • Battleblock Theatre – 67%
  • Charlie Murder – 70%
  • CastleStorm – 70%
  • Full House Poker – 70%
  • Perfect Dark – 70%
  • Fire Pro Wrestling – 70%
  • Iron Brigade – 70%
  • Wreckateer – 90%
  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet – 70%
  • Home Run Stars – 90%

Also on sale in the Xbox 360 Deals of the Week are a range of epic titles to sink your teeth into. With Resident Evil 5, Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen, Remember Me, Devil May Cry: HD Collection and Sleeping Dogs all between £5-10, you have plenty to choose from if none of the Microsoft games take your fancy.

The deals are only available until the 15th April, when the new free Gold game is released, so you better make your mind up fast if you want in on the savings.