50% Sale on Guild Wars 2

Have you fancied picking up Guild Wars 2 but can’t quite afford it? Well turn that frown upside down, it’s now on sale. The guys from Arenanet are feeling very generous and cutting the price of Guild Wars 2 in half. This offer applies to the Digital Heroic Edition and the Digital Deluxe Edition. There’s never been a better time aside from release to grab a bunch of friends and obtain an acclaimed MMORPG for a reduced cost.

The offer last until 13th April 23:59 Pacific Time, or 14th April 6:59 GMT. The Digital Heroic Edition comes with the game, a set of armour skins for your character, an 18 slot storage box, and 10 experience boosters to help you get to max level. This is down from £34.99 to £17.49. As for the Digital Deluxe Edition, you get everything from the Heroic Edition and an elite skill, a miniature in-game Rytlock, a two week Golem Banker, an in-game Chalice of Glory which increases your PvP progress, and a Tome of Influence which helps Guilds purchase in-game rewards.

So head on over to the official Guild Wars 2 website and grab yourself a cheap copy of the game whilst the offer still stands. Game well.