Latest Update for DayZ Detailed

In the latest blog entry from the DayZ development team, an array of new features have been detailed.

The DayZ team are still working on their client and servers so that more than 100 players can be in-game at once, which will be tested in the coming weeks. They have also responded to player feedback about mouse control, so now the weapon you are carrying will be used determine speed. As well as this, physics and throwing have been modified to create a more realistic experience. Similar to how pulling the string on a bow determines how far your arrow will fly, with this update you will be able to decide just how hard you throw objects.

One of the biggest additions coming to the title is fire and flammable objects, which has marked some huge changes and visual updates to the game’s engine. To accompany this, the art team have been hard at work designing new food items and wildlife, which when combined with campfires and archery, will make for a unique survival hunting experience.

With many more small changes being made to the game all the time, with the art team especially hard at work to add more variation to the experience, be sure to keep an eye on the DayZ blog for more details on upcoming modifications.