Planets3 Reaches its $250,000 Target

Planets³ the adventure, RPG, dungeon crawler and building mix of a game has reached its target of $250,000. Michel Thomazeau, Planets³ Project Director says,

‘We are incredibly grateful to every backer we have for believing in our dreams of a Cubical world. The kind words, encouraging each other and helping us to get featured on websites all over the world has helped us to fund. Without you guys, there would be no Planets³. The love for our game is both very heartwarming and endearing – we can’t thank you enough.”

“Planets³ is something we have all worked hard on to get to this and now we can continue on and see this through to completion. We are very happy with the reaction from the games media press and public and very motivated to make P3 live up to everybody’s expectations.”

Players can shape their own adventure in the multiplayer universie and visit different planets all made up from nearly 30 trillion blocks. The voxel based graphics and Long Distance Display Engine allow for some pretty damn good landscapes.

You can also take on side quests which allows you to unlock the secrets of the game world and find special items. That is if you get bored of creating and making your own adventure in the game.

Finally this image is from the developers.