Next Grand Theft Auto set in New York?


The rumours have begun looking toward the next instalment of Rockstar’s incredibly successful series Grand Theft Auto.

In a recent interview with hip-hop music producer, Whoo Kidd, hints toward the next open-world adventure being set in New York City. When asking Kidd about his experiences at the SXSW music festival, Baller Status asks about the producer’s involvement in games.

“I was in Call Of Duty and I was in some Grand Theft Auto games. I’m bout to be in the new Grand Theft Auto that takes place in New York again.” Kidd replied.

Whoo Kid’s music has already made it onto an exclusive mixtape created for Grand Theft Auto V in a way “inspired by a motion picture.”

Grand Theft Auto V enlisted many well-known hip-hop names- Tyga, Jadakiss, Roscoe Dash and Kool G Rap to name a few, and looks as if they could be repeating this move.

Another instalment to the Grand Theft Auto series hasn’t yet been announced, but following the massive success of GTAV we can assume there will be one, we will have to wait and see if it will truly be set in New York.

Tell us where you would like Grand Theft Auto developers to tackle next?