Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff iOS Release Date Announced

At a launch event earlier this week, Fox and TinyCO announced the release date for their upcoming Family Guy mobile game. Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff will be available for iOS from April 10th. While it is free to download, like many other games, it will be supported by optional microtransactions.

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is an adventure game in which you’ll build and manage the city of Quahog, that was destroyed during yet another explosive fight between Peter and Ernie The Giant Chicken. To do this you will have to rally the survivors together to help rebuild the city, while dealing with all the catastrophes that Quahog faces on a daily basis, such as alien invasions. You will also help Peter achieve his own personal dreams along the way, from becoming a fully-fledged pirate to finally taking revenge on Ernie.

The game will include all the voice actors from the series, as well as the in-house jokes you can expect from Seth McFarlane and his team. With some animation segments pulled straight from the show,  as well as a tonne of new content to amuse you, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff looks to be a must have for fans of the series.