The Wolf Among Us: The Crooked Mile Release Dates Confirmed

Following the reveal of the launch trailer yesterday, the release dates for The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 – The Crooked Mile are now here. Published on the Telltale forums, there will be a slightly staggered release next week, starting on the 8th.

The dates and platforms are as follows:

  •     PC/Mac (worldwide) – Tuesday, April 8th
  •     PlayStation 3 (North America) – Tuesday, April 8th
  •     Xbox 360 (worldwide) – Wednesday, April 9th
  •     PlayStation 3 (Europe) – Wednesday, April 9th

The Crooked Mile will also be available on iOS next week, but the date is still unconfirmed.

Hopefully The Crooked Mile will not face any issues with season passes following the fiasco of Episode 2. Either way, every Telltale fan will no doubt be eagerly awaiting their next venture into Fabletown, which is almost within reach.