Bigby Kicks Off in The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 Launch Trailer

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3, The Crooked Mile, is nearly here, and to get us all in the spirit of things Microsoft have shared the upcoming episode’s launch trailer on the Xbox Youtube channel. You can watch the video right here, right now, but please do beware of spoilers if you’re yet to complete the first two chapters of the game.

The latest trailer showcases the game’s plot deepening as fingers are pointed at just who is behind the murders of the young women. The suspicion is mounting on Crane as the truth appears to be emerging, but everything is surely not as it seems. With Bigby gradually losing his cool as the pressure rises, we may just see more of the wolf’s dark side than we have done before.

There is still no word yet on a release date for The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3, but judging from previous release schedules with launch trailers, it should be here within two weeks.