Survival Horror Monstrum Makes A Splash

Are you longing for some kind of feeling of doom? Wonder if being stuck at sea on a┬álabyrinthian freight ship is all it’s cracked up to be? If so Team JunkFish have got your back. Set upon the ship of your aforementioned dreams, Monstrum will have you trying find some way to escape the ship before one of the monsters track you down.

With perma-death looming on your conscience and a new ship layout with each life, you will never really have a chance to establish the ‘safest’ route. Not that any route will ever be safe, with traps and alerts that draw the monsters to you, using distractions and hiding in the right places will be your only hope of survival. You will have to select an escape route depending on the combination of items you possess, and chose how you use them to best effect.

For more informaton about Monstrums development, such as how the procedural generation works, or to watch the progress of Monstrum check out Team JunkFishs blog.