Square Enix Weekend Continues With Tomb Raider Deal


Steam has held publisher specific weekend long sales for almost the entirety of it’s time as a digital store, and this time, it is the turn of Final Fantasy developer Square Enix to take to the stage. While the majority of their back catalogue is available at a significant discount, it is the lovely Lady Croft that has been given the starring role for the current spotlight deal.

If you want to purchase the Game of the Year Edition of Tomb Raider, it has now been reduced by 75% to £6.24, whereas the regular edition of the game will set you back £3.74. All the available DLC for the game has been reduced by the same amount, so if you do not want every single weapon, character or multiplayer map that is available, you do not have to get them all.

To find out more information about this deal, be sure to check out the official Square Enix publisher weekend page on Steam. Will you be buying Lara’s latest adventure, or will you wait until after the storm in the Dragon’s Triangle has passed? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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