Flappy Bird Parody Arrives On Apple Devices

It seems like only yesterday that Flappy Bird flew haphazardly into a green pipe and fell to the ground, and the flooding of clones onto the digital stores since the game was removed is still going strong.

Not wanting to see their place in the temporary spotlight, developer eBattalion have revealed their intepretation of the simple yet strangely addictive formula. While some may consider this edition slightly crude, it is hard to deny that it is definitely creative, if nothing else. In a reference to Flappy Bird’s similarity to Mario graphics, this new version’s visuals are based on Yoshi’s Island, the lesser known sequel to Super Mario World.

The game, known as Poopy Birdies, is now available free to download from the Apple App Store. To find out more about the game before you consider adding it to your device, be sure to check out eBattalion’s Facebook page.

Do you think that Flappy Bird has flopped, or is there room to develop the formular once again? Let us know what you think in the comments below.