A Crooked Mile Will Soon Be Among Us


The Wolf Among Us has proved to be another success for Telltale Games, who rose into the spotlight with their episodic video game prequel of The Walking Dead franchise, and haven’t stepped out of it since.¬†As well as developing another set of episodes for the post-apocalyptic drama, Telltale are also in the process of releasing an adaption of Bill Witherington’s FABLE’s franchise, named The Wolf Among Us.

Following the release of Episode 1 and 2, named “Faith” and “Smoke and Mirrors” respectively, gamers will soon be able to join Bigby Wolf in the next installment of his journey to find Fabletown’s serial killer. Although a specific date has not been revealed yet, it is more than likely to be in the next few weeks, as a new promo image of the game was revealed.

It seems to be showing a side to the Big Bad Wolf that he has tried to keep hidden from the world, so it will be interesting to see how he manages to keep it in check, locate the murderer and keep on speaking terms with the rest of the Fable community. A Crooked Mile will be available to purchase seperately on every platform except for PC, where it will be included in the Season Pass that is currently available on Steam or the Telltale Store.

Will you be ready to enter Fabletown once more, or will you wait until all the episodes are released? Let us know what you think in the comments below.