Guild Wars 2: Gem Store Dyes, Tools, and More

Do you crave new items and deals to sink your gems into? Well, head on over to the land of Tyria and browse the new wares that are on offer in the Gem Store. These range from new dyes, a new finisher, and more.

On offer now, the Black Lion Trading company has 6 news dyes influenced on the vibrant city of Lion’ Arch. This also includes 6 new enamelled dyes. Fancy sprucing up your style? Then purchase the Lion’s Arch Survivor’s Dye Kit today and collect the 25 dyes available.

Also available in the Gem Store is the new Golem Pummeler finisher and the Frost Wasp logging tool. Finish of an opposing player in PvP or WvW by dropping a golem on them or, purchase the Frost Wasp to gain an infinite logging tool for your adventures.

That's a nice fortress. Let's hope no one deserts you!
That’s a nice fortress. Let’s hope no one deserts you!

Lastly, the the March daily sales are continuing throughout the month and in preparation for the WvW Spring Tournament 2014, there are sales currently on to transfer worlds. Not only that but, this is your last week to purchase the Scarlet’s Champion Mini 3-Pack.

So head on over to Guild Wars 2 and pick up some marvellous items. For more details, please visit the official website. Also, please take a look at our article on the new Dye System that will be introduced in the Feature Pack 2014. Game Well.