Guild Wars 2: The Wardrobe System

Do you like customising your character to make it one of a kind? DO you like it to be easy and intuitive to use? Well look no further. Come April 2014, you can customise until your heart’s content with the new Wardrobe System.

As you play through the game of Guild Wars 2, you will wear a variety of armours with many different looks and colours from different sets. As you progress, you upgrade the stats and look of your armour with new ones from either drops or crafting. Wouldn’t it be great if you can go back to a previous look without the negative drop in stats? Soon you can. For every piece of armour you obtain, the skin will be saved in the account bound wardrobe for all of your characters to transmute the skins onto the current armour. This will be accessed from the Hero Panel.

Cannot compute... Must transmute
Cannot compute… Must transmute

The changes will also affect the transmutation stones and their functionality. Before, you would have to choose the look of one item and the stats of a similar item to combine into the new one. This means you would lose the skin of the one you didn’t choose. Now, the stones and crystals can be converted into transmutation charges. You can obtain 1 charge for either 3 stones or 1 crystal.

Aside from the account bound skins, a small change will come with the update dye previewing. Before, the player had to apply the dye to preview the colour on the armour. From the update onwards, the player can simply hover over with the colour selected to preview.

You will never have a wardrobe malfunction ever again
You will never have a wardrobe malfunction ever again

So, if you like character customisation, start counting the days until April 15th. For more details, please visit the official Guild Wars 2 website. Also, take a look at our article on the Feature Pack overview to see what articles will be coming up. Game well.