Guild Wars 2: Dye Updates

With the April 2014 Feature Pack on the horizon, the guys at Arenanet have released more information and this time it’s about dyes. In this update, it will address the character bound status of dyes, drop rates, and the hero panel.

First of all, dyes will no longer be character bound. From the update onwards, when you find an unidentified dye and identify it, it would be unlocked for your entire account. This means that any of your characters will be able to use the dye. If, by the update, you have multiple dyes that are the same on different characters when you log on, you will receive an unidentified dye to consume to make up for the difference.

I'm dye-ing to try this!
I’m dye-ing to try this!

The drop rate will also be update. As they will be account bound, they will no longer drop as loot but will still be available from the mystic forge and in-game rewards. Alongside this, the hero panel will receive tweaks to how you preview your armour when dyed. You will have to simply click a colour and hover over the colour section on the armour to preview rather than the old system where you are required to apply it first.

So look forward to the dye-tastic update in April. For more information, please visit the official Guild Wars 2 website. Also, please take a look at your article on the new Wardrobe System coming to the game. Game well.