Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite Free From Tomorrow

From tomorrow, March 25th, Playstation Plus members will be able to pick up Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite on PS Vita for free.

One of the hugest Monster Hunter titles to date with over 500 hours worth of gameplay, 2000 armour sets and 1400 weapons, Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite is well worth a download. Whether you go it alone, join a group of friends or hire an adorable Felyne to fight by your side, the battles are sure to be intense and rewarding. Though getting on in years, it still holds the great Monster Hunter spirit that fans love.

On top of Freedom Unite, a huge batch of games will be going a cheaper than usual in the Spring Fever Sale. You can pick up Fez, Bioshock 1 and 2 and Bioshock Infinite DLC, all with a few pounds off.

For more details on the games and sale prices, check out the official Playstation website.