St. George, Utah, Teenager Wrecks Father’s Motorcycle After He Turns Off Xbox

A 19 year old man in St. George, Utah, was arrested last week after attempting to destroy his step-fathers custom Harley Davidson motorcycle, all because he turned off his step-son’s Xbox.

The story was reported by Kotaku, but according to the St. George, Utah, news site, the teenager is facing a charge of second-degree felony for domestic violence criminal mischief. While the name for the crime might be a mouthful, the case seems rather cut and dry. The fit of rage occurred when the step-father asked his son to stop playing video games and turn off his Xbox. The teen ignored this request and a few minutes later the step-father returned and shut it down for him.

At this point, the 19 year old went into a fit of rage. After throwing, and subsequently breaking, two remotes, the step-father retreated across the road and called the police. During the time it took for the police to arrive, the teenager took a knife and repeatedly punched, kicked and stabbed the motorcycle until the weapon broke. After this the teen used the family car to ram into the Harley-Davidson FLF into the garage wall. In total, around $25,000 worth of damage was done to the $40,000 motorcycle.

When the police arrived the enraged teen had already fled to a friends nearby, but was soon picked up by local police. When questioned, he blamed his fit of anger over missing his medication. Along with the charge of second-degree felony for domestic violence criminal mischief, he will also be charged with two class-B misdemeanors for domestic violence simple assault and leaving the scene of an accident.