Kojima Tweets about Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain

With the release of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes this week, players worry about the hours of game play. Hideo Kojima shares his thoughts on the matter via Twitter. With the worry that the main mission of Ground Zeroes not taking all that long to complete, Kojima has stated that the game “is more like a tutorial” as seen below:

GZ is more like a tutorial, so fairly small open world, but TPP has much bigger field & changes time/weather giving more tension to players.


It is evident that this game is leading up to The Phantom Pain and is acting as a prologue until its release. With dynamic systems to be involved in the next title, the question is what else can we look forward to? In the mean time, the man with the plan also tweeted how he thinks the game should be player:

How to play GZ. 1st start with main mission & replay in alter course/hard mode or play sideOPS that u opened. (Cont)


From that tweet, it would seem there is plenty of material for players to indulge before the next title is release. For more details on Ground Zeroes, please head to the official website. Also, take a look at our article on the latest trailer to catch up on anything you have missed. Game well.