More Xbox One Games will run in 1080p in Time

More Xbox One games will run in 1080p…at some point, Microsoft Xbox director of development Boyd Multerer said during an interview. Speaking to TotalXbox, Multerer said he has no doubt that developers will be able to reach that resolution.

“I fully expect that to happen,” Multerer said “The [graphics processing units] are really complicated beasts this time around.”

“The hardware is basically baked, and what comes next is people discovering better software techniques to take advantage of it, especially in the ordering of the data so it flows through all the caches correctly, and I think there’s a lot of opportunity there.”

Multerer went on to talk about the Xbox One’s ESRAM specifically, saying “this is where tuning your data set becomes super important.”

According to Multerer, Xbox One launch titles didn’t have the opportunity to fine-tune their work to improve visuals. “Once these engines – the engine developers like Frostbyte and those guys – they really wrap their heads around this particular GPU architecture, then all of the titles coming out of that studio will take advantage of it and get better.”

We can look forward to “fairly large improvements in GPU output as people really tune these data sets now to get maximum use out of their GPUs”.

Currently many high-profile titles do not run at 1080p resolution on Xbox One, whilst they do on the PlayStation 4. Microsoft came to speak out about the controvacy in February.