Guild Wars 2: Gem Store Hair Styles, Minis, and More!

Do you want more items to spend your gems on in Guild Wars 2? Well here you go. The Black Lion Trading Company has some new wares for you. In light of the recent success of the Battle for Lion’s Arch event, the Gem Store there is more options for your hard earned sparkles to be exchanged for.

New Makeover Kit Looks

A change is as good as a rest. Try out the 3 new hair styles for each race and gender. Grab your Total Makeover Kit or Self-Style Hair Kit today and transform your characters style.

Who's a good leafy doggy?
Who’s a good leafy doggy?

New Minis in Miniature Set 3

Do you love Minis? Well, then you will love this. There are 49 new Minis for all you guys to collect. Befriend one today and they will be there by your side forever.

Collection Expansion

Do you feel that your stacks of items are always topping out? Do you want the stack to be bigger? Well, grumble no more as you can now expand your collections to hold 1500 per stack.

More Sales!

Everyone loves sales. And Guild Wars 2 has plenty. The World vs World (WvW) transfer sale has begun in preparation of the WvW spring tournament. Also, the daily sales are still ongoing and are continuing to change day by day. Keep an eye out for the deals that are to be had. And finally, waste no time to pick your Thresher-Sickle 5000 Golem. Time is running out and it might disappear from the Gem Store at any moment.

So, head on over to the World of Tyria and splash your Gems and some goodies. For more details, please head on over to the Guild Wars 2 official website. Game well.