Groupees Assembles Another Build A Bundle

Indie bundles have started to appear all over the internet in the past few years, with Groupees being one of the most prominent names, aside from Indie Royale and the Humble Indie Bundle. Instead of being related on a theme, the latest bundle from Groupees is another edition of their Build A Bundle collection. This means you only pay for the games you want, and receive selected bonuses when the amount of bundles reaches a certain threshold.

As per usual, the games on offer are available on Desura, with selected titles also having DRM free downloads and Steam keys. Eight games are available to choose from this time around, with the indie lyncanthrope adventure Guise of the Wolf, zombie simulator Castleminer Z and gem collecting puzzler Luxor 3 taking the first three places in the lineup.

Also available in this bundle is the medieval adventure Legends of Aethereus, a trap based puzzler named Whitewash, sprite based RPG’s Aveyond: Lord of Twlight and Skyborn and a scrolling space shooter by the name of Power-Up. To see more about each game in the bundle, or to purchase the games for yourself, be sure to visit the official page of Build a Bundle 8.

If you choose to buy this bundle, which games will you choose to make your own? Let us know what you think in the comments below.