GOG Gets The Luck Of The Irish

GOG, also known as Good Old Games, has affirmed itself as the home for buying DRM Free games. Every once in a while, they reveal a special offer related to the time of year. This time, they have decided to honour St Patrick’s Day with a promotion that could be worth more than any amount of gold.

If you choose five games out the selection they have decided to include, you will receive each game for a fraction of it’s original asking price. Some games will be reduced to a mere $2, while the maximum amount you will pay is only two dollars more.

If you cannot decide which game you would like to buy, or you would like the chance to possibly get a more expensive game for a cheaper price, you can offer for the Pot of Gold option, which will give you a random game from the selection that you do not already own.

There is a wide selection of titles available in this promotion, ranging from the indie hit Fez, to the sister switching platformer Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams and the fantasy epic The Book of Unwritten Tales.To see the full list of games for yourself, be sure to check out the official offer webpage.

Will you be offering your gold for this limited time offer? Let us know what you think the comments below.