Crazy Taxi Rushing Back To Gamers Everywhere

In the early noughties, pedestrian escorting simulator Crazy Taxi raced into arcades. With a unique graphical style, addictive gameplay and a memorable soundtrack composed by The Offspring, it was clear that a classic was born. A home release soon followed the game, as did several sequels. Following the third installment, the series has remained in a state of hibernation, only awakened for a brief moment to allow for a HD remake of the original Dreamcast port.

SEGA have decided that the series has been dormant long enough, and has revealed a new game in the series, named Crazy Taxi: City Rush. The game is currently only confirmed for a release on iOS platforms, so if you have an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, you will soon be able to collect the fares of everyone in the Crazy Taxi universe.


As well as the screenshots, SEGA have released a teaser trailer of the game, fronted by series regular B.D. Joe.

The addition of customisable taxis will give each player a sense of individuality, making each game feel like a whole new experience. It is currently unknown if any characters from the series besides B.D. will return, but you can be sure that whoever joins the party, they will be as unique as Axel, Iceman and every other crazy driver on SEGA’s character roster.

Will you be racing to pick up this new release, or will you wait until the fares have dropped? Let us know what you think the comments below.