Darklings Available For Free as Apple’s App of the Week

Mildmania’s award-winning title Darklings is now free on the iTunes Store for a limited time. Praised for being both innovative and unique, Darklings is a gesture-driven, endless action game set across magical worlds. Players must guide the hero, Lum, as he purges the land of darkness and the Darklings that reside within.

Though relatively simple in premise, the game features progressively challenging waves and over 40 types of enemies to keep players on their toes. With new additions on the way including a new map, enemies, and customization options, Darklings is a huge game that is well worth picking up for the low price of nothing.

For more information, be sure to head over to Darklings’ official website, where you can see a range of trailers showcasing the game’s fantastic noire style and catchy soundtrack.