Greenman Gaming Offer Beta Keys with Elder Scrolls Online Pre-Order

With The Elder Scrolls Online just weeks away from release, Greenman Gaming have an offer that’s hard to refuse.

If you pre-purchase the game through their site, you will bag yourself not one, but two beta keys for you and a friend to enjoy. Those who have already ordered the game through Greenman Gaming will also be sent a pair of beta keys in the near future. As an added bonus, pre-purchase orders will come with the Explorer’s Pack. This allows you to play as any race in any alliance and to have a Scuttler vanity pet, while also providing you with some bonus treasure maps.

The pre-purchase offer is only available while stocks last, so if you’re interested you should head over to Greenman Gaming as soon as you can. The Elder Scrolls Online will be available for PC on April 4th, with console versions on the way in June.