Deus Ex: The Fall PC Release Date Brought Forward

Deus Ex: The Fall is coming to Steam one week earlier than expected, reports StrategyInformer. The cyberpunk stealth-action RPG title was first released on iOS devices last year, and Android devices last month. Serving as a side-story to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Deus Ex: The Fall is now releasing on March 18th, moved from its original release date of March 25th.

Deus Ex: The Fall features the same world as Human Revolution, casting players as Ben Saxon, an ex-SAS mercenary who has undergone body augmentations similar to Adam Jensen from the 2011 game.

For a limited time those who pre-order Deus Ex: The Fall are given the original 1999 Deus Ex game for free as a bonus, which is a good deal considering the game’s length and classic status.

Deus Ex: The Fall is releasing on PC for £7.99 on March 18th.