Watch Dogs Delays Explained By Ubisoft

Earlier today came the new trailer for Watch Dogs, including a release date of May 27th; however, this does not apply to the Wii U version of the game.

Speaking to Polygon, producer Dominic Guay said the Wii U version is “on hold, to a certain extent for shipping,” with a 2014 release date still possible.

“We don’t have a specific ship date for it yet so it’s considered within the year,” he said. “So we’re going to look at that and we’re going to let people know as soon as we figure out an exact date for it.”

“We’re going to take the time we need to make sure the game is good technically and design-wise, and makes good use of the specifics of the Wii U,” Guay continued.

Ubisoft Romania, the studio creating the Wii U version has “super strong engineers” working on the game engine.

“It wasn’t running on Wii U initially,” Guay said. “They were the perfect team to do it. Our Bucharest studio is super strong, super strong engineers and I was impressed by how quickly they got to get the game running on the console.”

“Obviously they’re using the same game content, so they’re not building other game content. It’s the same game content that we’ll adapt for the needs of the specific needs of Wii U.”

The games initial delays have also been explained, with the game originally set for release last year to coincide with the release of the next-gen platforms, it was announced as delayed just four weeks before its November 19 date.

Director Jonathan Morin told that the game would have been “pretty good” and “fun to play” at the time, but “important details” were missing, he said to Eurogamer.

“When you’re promising a player that they can hack everything and express themselves, they expect the result to be there,” Morin said. “A complicated game that is broken is no more acceptable than an easier one that works.”