Sailing MMORPG Florensia Gets A Huge Update

Island exploring MMORPG, Florensia, from developers NETTS, has just received an update to add some very big new features. Firstly, Windows 8 users experiencing technical problems should be able to play again without problems launching the game. The publisher ProSiebenSat.1 have released a version of the installation program for this purpose.

The update also added new mini bosses that are scattered across the Hoomanil Oceans, with either cash items or item sets dropping when defeated. To go with your potential loot is a set item system that allows players to combine armours and weapons of the same set to create more powerful gear. There is also an update to the crafting system, allowing players with secondary production classes, such as blacksmithing, to create powerful items aimed at the higher leveled players.

lastly comes the addition of a mount system. All players will now be able to explore the world of Florensia at a much quicker rate, with the two new animal mounts, the Dodo and the Silver Vixen Fox. Along with your ship, traversing the land of Florensia just got much easier.

These updates really expand the game and add features that a lot of people look out for in their MMO’s, so the chances are that the player count will start to rise for Florensia