Guild Wars 2: Battle for Lion’s Arch Release Notes

The final battle is upon us. The heroes of Tyria will unite to take back what is theirs. The battle for Lion’s Arch has begun and the full notes of the event have been released. Scarlet and her armies have the capital of the world but for how long? The fight begins now and with it, the knowledge of how to participate is known. As Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed said, “Remember this day, for this battle will be worthy of legend”

A char and two Norns walk into a bar...
A char and two Norns walk into a bar…

Rally to Me!

The main refugee camps in the Gendarran Fields, Lornar’s Pass, and Bloodtide Coast are now rallying up troops and preparing for the main attack on Lion’s Arch. Players will be given the opportunity to see flashbacks of the initial siege of the city to provide a background to the event. Any heirlooms found by players can still be traded in for items.


I might need a bigger weapon!
I might need a bigger weapon!

The Liberation

The event will involve establishing a foothold near the three entrances of the city at the Trader’s Forum, Postern Ward, and Fort Marriner. Once completed, order representatives will appear that can sell combat bonuses. Other objective includes stop the spread of miasma in the three main areas by defeating Scarlet’s armies there and her mighty champions. Again, completing these objectives incur glorious rewards

On an hourly basis, Briar’s Legendary Knights will arrive on the map. After a few minutes they will commence their attack and allow for the players to engage. The areas they will arrive are the Grand Piazza, Moran Memorial, And the Gunnery Range. Completing these objectives is the key to gaining access to her personal airship, the Breach Maker, alongside the famous heroes of Tyria. At this point, revenge will be on the horizon as the main target becomes available, Scarlet herself. There are also other quests regarding the super villain’s technology to indulge.


Thats a nice helm you have there
That’s a nice helm you have there

The Shinies!

Alliance supply bags are in plenty supply in this event. Defeating the Legendary Knights will reward players with Deluxe Gear Boxes and Power Cores, which allows the dying of the Tempered Spinal Blades back item, as well as Masterwork items and crafting materials. There is also a unique title and a helm skin for those who finish the story as well as the chance of obtaining previous Living Story items.

Phew... now we can rest, right?
Phew… now we can rest, right?


On March 18th, a small release will provide an epilogue of recent events. It will show the aftermath of the Battle for Lion’s Arch and conclude the current Living Story arch.

So, head over to Guild Wars 2 and lend your sword to the fight for freedom. For more information, please visit the official Guild Wars 2 website. Also, catch up with our articles on the Escape from Lion’s Arch and the Battle for Lion’s Arch events. Game well.