2D dev platform, Construct 2, nears 1,000,000 downloads

From its humble beginnings 3 years ago, Scirra‘s Construct 2 is fast becoming a favourite among 2D game creators, averaging at 3,000 downloads per day.

The platform offers a code-free environment designed to quickly create games using an intuitive drag-and-drop system. The creators have aimed for speed and ease of use, making it a popular option among hobbyists with little or no coding experience, or with game developers as a way of quickly mocking up prototypes.

With a growing tutorial and resource library (including “how to make a flappy bird clone in 10 minutes“), and support for a variety of platforms, Construct 2 brings a strong offering to the hobby-dev table against competitors such as Game Salad, Unity, and GameMaker.

In celebration of their imminent millionth download, Scirra will be running a competition for their new users. Prizes include full business licences, badges, Amazon vouchers and – in the good humour of the company – 10 flying monkeys!