Nothing to Hide takes inspiration from government surveillance

Nothing to Hide is described as an “anti-stealth” game according to creator Nicky Case. The game is a protest against increased government surveillance surrounding our everyday lives, with particular emphasis in Case’s country of birth, Singapore.

“I was born in Singapore, and moved when I was 10. Singapore is pretty much Big Brother with a smile,” Case told Polygon. “Censorship and surveillance are everywhere. Singapore is the inspiration for my game’s clean controlling dystopia.”

The aim of the game is to keep in-sight of the camera to “help with your own surveillance.”  Case states that, “later on, additional mechanics are added like moving sidewalks, cameras that trigger other devices, using unconscious people as puzzle elements.”

The Orwellian styled title currently aims to reach their $40,000 crowd funding goal, you can even back the project with bitcoins. You can also play a web demo and get the open source code with specific permission that, “You’re free to copy, remix, record, and do whatever with this game! By giving up “power” over our art, our art has more power.”