The Semi-Often Greenman Gaming Spotlight 01/03

As we enter the month of March Greenman gaming are pulling out all the stops for their dedicated user base.The deals available this weekend are nothing short of amazing so check out what you could grab below.

2k essential

The 2K essential collection is one of the best package deals we’ve ever seen. The collection comes with Borderlands 2, XCOM Enemy Unknown, Civilization V and Bioshock Infinite.Each one of these games is incredible in it’s own way but you can get them all for one price of just £19.99. That’s pretty nuts.

If the package itself still isn’t enough to convince you then how about this. When you buy the package you also get a 50% off voucher that can be used on Bioshock 2, Civilization V: Gods and Kings, Civilization V: Brave New World, NBA 2K14 and Borderlands 2: Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack 1 & 2 Bundle. This helps you fully upgrade your favourite game from the essential collection.

In the unlikely case that you’re still not convinced by this deal, you will also receive 4 free games as well as a 50% voucher. These games are Bioshock, XCOM Complete Pack, Civilization IV Collection and Borderlands. That’s 8 games for £19.99 plus a 50% off voucher for an expansion to any of the essential collection games. This deal is incredible.

As well as the amazing deal above, the famous Greenman Gaming table of sales is back, check out the offers below.

Game% DiscountDeal startsDeal ends
Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising75%28th Feb2nd Mar
BioShock Infinite66%28th Feb3rd Mar
Borderlands 266%28th Feb3rd Mar
Sid Meier’s Civilization® V66%28th Feb3rd Mar
XCOM Enemy Unknown66%28th Feb3rd Mar
The Chaos Engine66%28th Feb3rd Mar
The Chaos Engine Two Pack66%28th Feb3rd Mar
Speedball 250%28th Feb3rd Mar
Montagues Mount75%28th Feb3rd Mar
Blast em!50%28th Feb3rd Mar
Hyper Fighters75%1st Mar2nd Mar
Hypersonic 475%2nd Mar3rd Mar